Bryce Roberts
2 min readJan 1, 2024

It is with immense gratitude that I can announce INDIE Fund I is officially closed and actively making new investments.

What started as an experiment 8 years ago, literally to the day, is now a stand-alone fund and my sole focus for decades to come. If you’ve ever followed along, liked a tweet, checked in on me, forwarded one of our emails, or referred a friend, thank you.

It’s been an incredible journey that has revealed the best and worst parts of me. It’s taken everything and returned it many many fold.

We start this next chapter with full hearts and coffers backed by some of our dearest friends, family offices, and esteemed institutional investors. Their enthusiasm and belief in what we’re building has given me strength throughout this process even when I didn’t think I had anything left to give.

With the new fund, we’ll focus on leading or co-leading a company’s first, and ideally last, round of funding. To date, we’ve written checks ranging from $50k to $2M and have the flexibility to go larger or smaller. We have backed companies at inception and others doing millions in revenue. We are flexible on investment size, stage, and structure.

Where we are inflexible is in the kind of founders we fund.

We are only interested in backing fiercely independent founders building potential futures they don’t want to be left to the whims of a fickle investment community. Who believe that company cultures are set strong and early based on time-tested fundamentals as the most solid foundations for scale. And that controlling your own destiny and maintaining optionality is something worth optimizing for.

We believe that these are the founders best equipped to build the next wave of generational technologies and companies that will shape the future and reshape our lives. We hope to be the best partner to support them on this independent path.

If that’s you, we hope you’ll get in touch.